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Department of Product Design, The Arts and Design College of Xiamen

Fuzhou University (click)

Research Area:

Product Development and Design

Research Experience:

Lin Wei, professor of Fuzhou University, master tutor, provincial key discipline leader of design, Fuzhou University teaching teacher, member of Fuzhou University Teaching Steering Committee.

Member of the Teaching and Instruction Subcommittee of the Industrial Design Major of the Ministry of Education, President of the Fujian Provincial Industrial Design Association, Vice Chairman of the Innovation and Culture Committee of the China Innovation Design Industry Strategic Alliance, Director of the Industrial Design Branch of the China Mechanical Engineering Society, and Industrial Design of China Machinery Industry Education Academic members of the discipline, executive director of the Decorative Arts Committee of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, executive director of the Science and Art Creative Alliance of China University, industry research expert of "Fujian Jingxin Think Tank", and editorial board of "Packaging Engineering" magazine.

In recent years, he has participated in a number of vertical topics, hosted dozens of horizontal projects, published more than 30 papers, and published 5 monographs and textbooks. He has served as the China Excellent Industrial Design Award of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Undergraduate Industrial Design Competition of the Ministry of Education, the National 3D Digital Innovation Design Competition, the International College Snow Sculpture Competition, the Chinese Design Award, the Chinese Bathroom Hardware “Golden Prize” Industrial Design Innovation Competition, and the Vantage Industrial Design Competition. Hubei Chutian Cup Industrial Design Competition, Straits Industrial Design Grand Prix, “Strait Cup” Fujian (Jinjiang) Industrial Design Competition, Cross-Strait (Chuzhou) Industrial Design Technology Innovation Competition, “Maritime Silk Road” Creative Design Competition, “ Xizi Cup" International Innovation Design Competition, "Zhang Sanfeng" Cup Bamboo Industry International Industrial Design Competition, "Zhenghe Cup" International Bamboo Product Design Competition, Golden Jubilee Award - China "Seven Cubes" International Personal Transportation Innovation Design Competition, Anji "Two The judges of the "Mountain Cup" International Bamboo Product Creative Design Competition.

1. Hosted the major project of the late 2017 Social Science Planning and Applied Research in Fujian Province: “Building a Study of Fujian's Characteristic Cultural Brand”

2. Hosting the Fujian Province Science and Technology Plan Project “Full Industrial Design System Innovation Research on the Target of China Manufacturing 2025”

3. Hosted the Fujian Provincial Social Science Planning Project “Research on the Role of Industrial Design in Fujian's Innovation Driven Development Strategy”

4. Hosting the Provincial Key Discipline Construction of Design in Fujian Province

5. Hosting the professional construction of industrial design features in Fujian Province

6. Hosted the "Integrated Reform of Industrial Design Majors" in Undergraduate Universities in Fujian Province

7. Presided over the central government's support for local colleges and universities development special fund project "Design art digital innovation platform construction"

8. Hosted the Fujian Provincial Social Science Planning Project “Promoting Interdisciplinary Development with an Innovative Design Platform—Research on the Construction of Industrial Design Discipline System”

9. Hosted the Fujian Provincial Social Science Planning Project "Fujian Industrial Design Development Research under the New Situation"

10. Hosted the Key Project of Humanities and Social Sciences Research of the Education Department of Fujian Province, “Research and Development of Hakka Earth Building Tourist Souvenirs”