Welcome ​Dr. Parul Dawar from Ece, Ggsipu, India to be committee member!

Dr. Parul Dawar, Ece, Ggsipu, India

Research Area:

Metamaterials and Antennas

Research Experience:

Dr.Parul Dawar have worked on modelling of metamaterials at high frequencies inside planar antennas. She really want to work on solving some real time problems.

She has papers in National and International Journals like Taylor and Francis, Springer,IOP etc. She has worked in Ansoft HFSS for designing antennas,metamaterials,filters etc. She has experience on microwave circuit design and fabrication,optical fibers and materials. She has fabricated MESFET,FATFET,Ferrite core etc in DRDO,SSPL LAB in India. She has also fabricated micro-strip antennas and analyse them.